Date: January 21st 2008

January 21, 2008


Dear Members of the Wisconsin Legislature:


The St. Gregory VII Chapter of Catholics United for the Faith (CUF) has 800+ members in the Milwaukee area.  Our Chapter was established in 1978.  There are many other members of CUF throughout the state.  We exist to support, defend and advance, the moral values and teachings of the Catholic Church.  This is in contrast to "Catholics for a Free Choice" (CFFC), an organization whose existence in Wisconsin was unknown to me prior to its public support of Assembly Bill 377.  CFFC, to our knowledge, has never agreed with anything the Catholic Church believes and teaches.  Be wary of organizations with credible words in their names; investigate their mission statements.  ( You can do so by going to  . )


We have followed AB377 and the discussion of these issues by such opponents as the Milwaukee Guild of the Catholic Medical Association, Pro-Life Wisconsin and Bishops Morlino and Listecki.  We are aware that the Wisconsin Catholic Conference has, at this writing, not officially withdrawn its neutral position.  This would appear moot, however, since two of the four bishops in the state have now voiced public opposition to AB377.  We are also aware that Wisconsin Right to Life has, unfortunately, taken a neutral position.


In his two letters to you, Bishop Morlino has effectively stated the authentic Catholic position on AB377.  We support that position.  Rather than repeat, at length, the very  persuasive arguments made by the organizations and individuals who have contacted you to oppose AB377, we will merely list a few:    


a.  There are adequate numbers of hospitals with emergency rooms to handle the types of cases AB377 intends to address.  


b.  Some, or all, Catholic hospitals may be forced to close their emergency rooms if AB377 is passed and enforced.  That may very well deprive many of your constituents of the medical care they now enjoy.


c.  AB377 "emergency contraception" will kill human babies who were created at the moment of fertilization.  Abortion is always a moral evil, whether the fetus/baby is "hours old," or "months old." 


d.  Medical personnel who, in conscience, cannot participate in an abortion procedure will have their rights of conscience violated.


In summary, then, the St. Gregory VII Chapter of Catholics United for the Faith urges you to oppose the passage of AB377.  We do not consider this to be a political issue, but rather a moral imperative of a people who often officially proclaim "In God We Trust."




Dr. A.P. Szews, Phd, President

St. Gregory VII Chapter

Catholics United for the Faith, Inc.

12223 West Ohio Avenue

West Allis, WI  53227







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