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Friday, January 18, 2008


Dear Members of the Wisconsin Legislature,


����������� This letter is intended to inform you that the Knights of Columbus of the State of Wisconsin are opposed to AB377.� Our opposition occurs on several levels.

First and foremost is our commitment, and we trust you share that commitment, to defend innocent human life in all of its stages, from fertilization until natural death.� This bill, in its present form, lacks reasonable safeguards for the protection of new human life. (New human life begins at the same time now as it did when your life began; at the moment of fertilization.)

Second, having attended the legislative briefing held January 17 in room 225NW of the State Capitol, it is clear to me that this bill may well serve to diminish the level of compassionate care presently provided to rape victims, while at the same time putting women�s health at increased risk, and may even lead to her untimely death.� To learn more about this I suggest you refer to the expert testimony given in that hearing by members of Wisconsin�s medical community.

Third, in its present form, this bill lacks adequate conscience protection language for physicians and hospitals.� Instead, it poses a threat to their ability to continue to provide care.� As a Catholic organization, we are particularly concerned that this bill, in its present form, could well signal the beginning of the end of emergency care at Catholic hospitals.

I will close by quoting Bishop Robert Morlino of the Catholic Diocese of Madison.� �I very much appreciate your attention to this important matter and I continue to have sincere respect for your willingness to carry the burden of your responsibility for the common good.�� You remain in our prayers.



Ronald Faust

Respect for Life Coordinator

Knights of Columbus

State of Wisconsin


Cc:������ Officers of the Knights of Columbus throughout Wisconsin


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