Date: May 31st 2012

Dear Pro-Life Friends,


There is a significant local pro-life activity scheduled for Thursday, June 7th outside the Planned Parenthood Birth Control Center on Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton.  For exact location click here:


Please plan to join us for one hour from 12 noon to 1:00 PM.  It is sponsored by Pro-Life Wisconsin, Calumet County.


Before Roe vs. Wade, there was Griswold vs. Connecticut, which paved the way for abortion on demand in America.  The Supreme Court ruled on June 7th, 1965, that there was a "right to privacy," in the U.S. Constitution.  There were no words to that effect found in the Constitution, so they simply declared it.  That decision made rampant use of birth control possible and started an anti-child, pro-death culture. 


We will have a talk on the history and significance of Griswold vs. Connecticut, a time of prayer and a time to witness with signs to the truth of abortion and birth control.  Please come and pray.  You can bring your own sign appropriate for this event, or hold one that will be provided.


For questions please call me at: 920-570-1679


For the Voice-less,


Mark Gabriel

Pro-Life Wisconsin

Calumet County


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